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Above photo is from a frame we designed & cut for a customer - NOT on this property.

Welcome to the Maine Barnhouse Below please Take a gander

Master Bedroom in Maine Barnhouse with KingPin Timberframed Valley System

Before we begin - PRIVATE SALE  Please no:

  • Realtors or Developers

  • Long term buying plans - this is for sale now

  • Drivebys or "Lookie-Loos" (if you can find it)

  • Hunters - by permission only, just call

We cherish our privacy as you likely do if you are looking at our property, thank you for respecting that.

Several bedroom 2.5 bath barnhome  - possible to be configured in a  vast number of different ways to due with barn architecture and timber framed construction.


Price is $575-600k depending on - the acreage

Lots from 50k up to 7 acres

We can be very flexible, please - if you are pre-qualified by a bank, have cash or a large deposit let's talk about owner financing.

Too much history to deliver here. If you are serious, have the (proven) wherewithal and desire- we are offering this property and hope to see it grow and provide for generations.

*A consideration - half the taxes of the 2x4 stick built production house, crowded lots/homes on any lake. 100x the privacy.

Easy 100 yard access (across from seasonal road) to 100 Acre Pond with only 3 cabins on it!

Radiant heat on the basement floor & in the great room floor set in concrete. Brick patio and above is a concrete poured (commercial like ) deck. The deck is made of concrete and as the frame is timber frame heavy beams easily capable of carrying the weight. Keeps patio area dry.

Lovely kitchen with cherry (real wood, no home depot production line cabinetry) cabinets built by Henry Banks, local master craftsman.  Spiral Stair and rails built by Bill Centamore, another incredible craftsman. Locally harvested Granite from the Maine Coast. 

Plumbing and electrical by local professionals including power poles in. 


There is a story behind every phase of this project.  Not your typical "bang em up and quick cash" endeavor like the ones you see popping up all over lately.


Heat with Propane, -  K1,  Wood Boiler backup.

Generator hookup in place

Lots of solar potential

Seasonal Stream on property


  • Lots of land commutable to Portland
  • Value your privacy?

  • Want out of the rat race?

  • COVID got you down?

  • (Incredibly healthy, safe area to live).

  • Work from home?

  • Desire to get closer to nature?


But also want:


Close to critical services such as hospitals, fire, police, grocery as well as shopping, restaurants, art

45-55 min proximity to two airports 

Thriving art community

Farmers Markets galore


Ski Resorts - Pleasant Mountain being 10 minutes away

Similar minded homesteaders and independent folk

World class education at Fryeburg Academy. Bridgton Academy, Gould Academy also nearby.

Here is a list of best Private Schools in Maine.

Oh and - 
What the option to fly a seaplane near your property and walk to your house?

If so- let’s talk. We are being selective who we offer this property to - we'd like to preserve this wonderful property for generations to come.

Several possible home/structure sites for buildings. South facing, level with plenty of privacy - you won't see your neighbors, although they are not far off depending on where you build.  

Offers on Lots and smaller amount of Acreage considered.

Parcels will be surveyed and put up for individual sale in spring of 2021 by broker.

Thanks Very Much. This won't be easy - took 25 years to pull all the land together and we are still working on a few parcels.

100 Acre Remote Pond.jpg
Nearby Town of Bridgton

Wildlife on property:

  • Deer

  • Turkey

  • Rabbit

  • Turtles

  • Eagles

  • Moose

  • Hawks, Loons, Doves, Pileated Woodpeckers, Owls and a dozen other varieties of birds

Fryeburg Academy


Fryeburg Academy, located in Maine, is a private boarding and day school serving grades 9-12, and a Post-Graduate year. We invite you to explore our site and learn how students from around the globe find their place in the world through our exceptional academic, art, and athletic programs.


The History 

Fryeburg Academy is set in a classic New England village, in the foothills of the White Mountains. It is a community offering a sense of belonging to all who come, and a backbone of support to all. It is close to the ocean, rivers, lakes and 800,000 acres of White Mountain National Forest, so outdoor activities are limitless, every season of the year.  

The magnificent natural surroundings encompass a region rich in culture and entertainment, thanks to thriving local resort towns like North Conway. Living here provides learning opportunities about people from around the globe and from our very own place in the world.


Maintaining a tradition of democracy and academic excellence since 1792, Fryeburg Academy was one of the first schools built in Maine. Fryeburg Academy was also one of the first schools in the United States to accept women.


Designed to prepare students for limitless possibilities, the Academy offers more than 150 classes at a variety of levels- including AP, honors, college prep and technical prep.   

Our teachers strive to make the material relevant and to challenge students to think critically, communicate effectively and to be leaders.  With more than 20 honors and 15 AP courses our curriculum is as challenging as it is diverse.

In addition to our regular semester offerings, the Academy concludes the school year with a three week experiential and hands-on term called May Term.  We offer more than 80 additional offerings during this term where students gain exposure to topics they do not have a chance to study during the other semesters. 

Take a stroll in the Maine Woods from your backdoor

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