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About Us

Personalized Approach

Hi, I'm Mike Seymour at Authentic Timberframes.  I've been cutting and erecting frames since 1993.     My reverence for this type of construction is honest, it's been a passion of mine.  The idea of building for generations vs. the next 20 years is in line with my philosophy of sustainability.  If you've ever stepped foot in a 100 + year old heavy timber framed barn, you'll understand why - it's simply majestic. You can see why it's all the rage to celebrate dinners or be married in them lately! 


Please take a look around and thanks for stopping by! - Mike

Excellence and Professionalism 

High Quality - Low Production - Affordability.  

We are a small timberframe company that focuses on one project at a time - YOURS!  The entire frame is cut by only 1-3 professional, master timberframers.  We can afford to take the time to ensure you receive the highest quality frame at a very affordable price.   



Insured and Dependable

We are locally insured and pride ourselves in the relationships we've built with our customers over the years.  We try to involve you in every step of the project so you can see the frame go from raw beams to the the day the last peg is in and the Pine Bough is on the frame's apex!.  

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